It Is Finished: And We Are Victorious!

Dec 22, 2022 | Articles

The busyness and distractions of the world tend to take our eyes off Jesus. Looming all around us is tons of information that constantly compete for our attention. A lot of the competition is just plain bad. Of course we need to be aware of what’s going on in the world, but we must always be careful to balance the bad with the knowledge that Jesus died so that we might have life in His name!

In John 19:30, Jesus spoke three powerful words that give us everything we will ever need, “IT IS FINISHED.” His was a cry of triumph over sin and death! He paid our redemption in full. By bearing the sin of the world at the cross, he brought about
forgiveness of the world.

The forgiveness we experience when we give our lives to Jesus gives us reason to cry out with triumph over sin and death just as Jesus did those many years ago. But unfortunately we tend to bog down in the ways of the world and forget that victory is ours. The truth is, we were made free in Christ, He lives in us, we are a new creation, the Holy Spirit enables us to fulfill God’s purpose for us, and we have a future and a hope—all because Christ nailed our sins to the cross!

It is easy to see only the evil things in the world; it’s human nature to do so. We hear about wars and rumors of wars, there are natural disasters, mass shootings, drug crises, economic disasters and the like. These are nothing new; they’ve been around through all the ages. They probably always will be. The good news is, we are secure in Christ. We are His children and He prays God will protect us from the evil one. In addition, we have the guarantee of the Holy Spirit, as well as many other promises He has made concerning our future.

When you struggle with keeping your eyes on Jesus instead of worldly things, remember that when Jesus said, “IT IS FINISHED” at the cross, we too were victorious! Jesus accomplished the Father’s will, and sin was defeated. We now live in triumph to bring glory to the One who died to save the world.


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