Illuminations February 2023

Feb 8, 2023 | Articles

As I write this feature, I am in the process of preparing for a sixteen-hour teaching in Moshi, Tanzania.

This is an exciting time for me!

As much as possible, I push aside all other activities and immerse myself in the Word of God. It’s a time when God controls my fingertips on the key board and I record what I believe is His teaching for this particular African audience.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

More than ten years ago, Susan and I were contacted by email to bring a teaching to a group of pastors and evangelists in Moshi. We were financially in no position to accept the invitation at that time,but we kept in touch with Pastor Yohana over the years.

It is interesting to note that at the time I first became a Christian, I asked God to take me to Africa. It didn’t happen back then. But now, thanks to several generous donors, the time has finally come. God is making it possible for Susan and me to go to Moshi and, with Pastor Johana as our translator, to bring God’s teaching to his group of pastors and evangelists.

Years ago, the first time we were traveling to Myanmar and didn’t know exactly what awaited us upon arrival, a pastor friend of ours reminded us that God was God in Myanmar too. I have not forgotten his encouragement. We worship a universal God who is the same, no matter where we go. He is always there.

We believe that our church friends and the readers of this newsletter are a vital part of our ministry. Thank you for your donations, large and small. Every dollar matters. We always are grateful for your continual prayers. For our trip to Tanzania, we have some specific prayer needs.

Please pray for the preparation of the teaching material, that it God’s will and God’s alone. Also pray for the hearts of those attending in Moshi to be prepared to receive all that God has in store for them; for Pastor Johana, safe travel for Susan and Gail, and for those that God is bringing from remote areas to Moshi for the teaching. For my husband Dave who is not able to travel with us. For all the people of Tanzania for health and safety, for Christianity to flourish there in the presence of certain aggressive religions, and for those with ears to hear.

This adventure has been God-ordained from the get-go. I am convinced that He is faithful and will see it through to the very end. In all that we do, we do it to the glory of God.


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