Tanzania Ministry Update

Feb 8, 2023 | Articles

The following message is from our pastor friend in Tanzania. Susan and Gail will depart for Tanzania on February 10th. We will bring a message from the Bible to pastors and evangelists concerning the Hope of the World. Jesus is God in Tulsa Oklahoma and in Moshi Tanzania.

Dear Servants of the Most High God,

More things about our country apart from what you have read on websites so that you can pray for our country. In our country Tanzania we have two main religion Christians and Muslims. Muslim religion seems to grow rapidly than Christians. And Muslims leaders have an organized strategy to connect all of Africa to Islam and are wasting no time to accomplish their goal. A strategic plan has already been put into action by Muslim leaders to Islamize Africa and they have continued to gain power into political power and economical power in some of the African countries. Mosques are being built so rapidly than the churches by sponsorship from Arabian countries. Even the president of our country is Muslim and when they gain power they use that opportunity to make sure their religion benefits from the government leader who is in power.

The strategic ways they use to promote Islam are as follows:

  1. Their children are being recited the Qur’an with all their strength and efforts by force.
  2. To lend money to their fellow Muslims WITHOUT CHARGING THEM INTEREST FOR THE MONEY SENT FROM ARABIAN COUNTRIES SO THAT THEY CAN HAVE ECONOMICAL POWER OVER CHRISTIANS. Muslims consider themselves better and cleaner than other people. The Qur’an says that they are the best of all nations and that God approves of them more than all others.
  3. Luring Christians women to be married by Muslims and promising Christians youths to be given business capitals etc.
  4. Building Islamic Schools in abundance and doing other social services with a strategy to promote Islam. (Muslims believe that their good deeds make them acceptable in God’s sight. They depend on their good works to gain eternal life).
  5. Building many Mosques more than Churches and children’s Madrassas in every place or after one Kilometer the same with mosques.
  6. They want to ensure that the president who rules the country but becomes a Muslim, the same in the cabinet a large number becomes theirs, and hold various aspects from central government to local government.
  7. Polygamy marriage is their way also to increase to numbers of the Muslims among them.

That is the big challenge for the Christians and Christianity in Tanzania and Africa, and sometimes I ask myself about the strongest churches in Asia Minor which were the fruit of Apostle Paul, they are no longer exist today. This is a big challenge for the Christians.

Among the things that I wanted you to know in order to deal with their strategies, I think we really need to do the following;

  1. Prayer: a strategic prayer in order to weaken the power of Islamic movement is needed so much. We need prayer so that we may reach the unreached and remote areas by partnering with Bible Believing Churches
  2. To organize an army of the harvesters in different churches to participate fully in the great commission according to Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-20, Acts 26:18. The goal is to make everyone to hear the Gospel and to make decision to accept Jesus and to know him as the Lord and Savior Psalms 51:13, Romans 17:17, John 17:3. (This is what I do mostly)
  3. We should make sure that we reach children and young people with the true Gospel that shows them the real truth and different between Christianity and Islam. For example, last month of December 22, three days before Christmas, we will have competition for children who have memorized chapters of the Bible and its important cases to make understand and grasp the word of God. The first winner will be given a Christmas cash prize of 220 dollars and the Bible, the second winner 160 dollars the same with the Bible and the third winner 100 dollars plus Bible. We call this “CHILDREN’S BIBLE AWARD CONTEST AWARD”. Pray that the children will be awakened to love the Word of God and live it even when they become adults Proverbs 22:6 & 1Samuel 3:19
  4. Reaching all primary Schools, secondary schools, high schools, all colleges and universities of various fields. Having retreats with them, Distributing Bible, tracts and other booklets that direct them to Jesus.
  5. Building day and boarding schools and colleges owned by Bible Believing Churches.
  6. Buying lands for churches and Planting new churches, and every church should have a pre-school for kids from one year to five years.
  7. Bible Schools/Colleges which have specific goals to train servant leaders who can reach those who live in the difficult environment
    of the Gospel and plant churches to Muslims countries.

God bless you,
Pastor Yohana



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