The Time is Near

Feb 8, 2023 | Articles

The book of Revelation can be interpreted several ways. At the simplest level, some think it has already happened, some think it is happening now and some think it is a future event. We must not let our different interpretations create division among us but rather embrace the similarities instead.

We can all agree that the imagery is stunning and sometimes even disturbing. When we see the creatures and elders around the throne and the description John gives us, we all know something majestic, powerful and incomprehensible to the human eye is going on. Worship is an important theme of the book. We see it happening at various times with different audiences participating. It is such a large part of what is going on today on earth and in heaven. It is the best of what we can give to our Father, the Lamb and the Holy Spirit. We’re reminded that worship is eternal when we view John’s account of worship around the throne.

We also see evangelism as a major theme. The two witnesses, the 144 thousand, the angel flying in mid-heaven with an eternal Gospel to share, and maybe even Jesus when he judges the sheep and the goats in Matthew chapter 25. Isn’t He telling them what they did for Him and is it not living out the Gospel?

We know Jesus is coming again. All believers agree on this. We know there will be judgment, and eventually a new heaven and a new earth. The areas we don’t interpret the same don’t change the truth of the book, which is that the body of believers win. In the end, we who have believed and received the Lord as Savior will, in fact. spend eternity with the triune God in heaven. Those who are given the chance to the very end to repent and do not do so, will lose. They will not spend eternity with Him, but will be judged and sent to the Lake of Fire.

God tells us in the third verse of Revelation chapter one that “God blesses the one who reads the words of this prophecy to the church, and he blesses all who listen to its message and obeys what it says, for the time is near.” That is why we read the book and share it with others. The time is nearer than it’s ever been, and it is time to listen and obey!


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