Illuminations – May

May 26, 2023 | Articles

A question Christians often ask each other is “Do you believe in miracles?”

Of course we do! It’s just that some of us have different ideas on what constitutes a miracle. To some it’s hitting nothing but green lights on 71st Street when they are in a hurry; to others; it must be something totally and humanly impossible before it can be called a miracle.

Personally, I refuse to allow “coincidence” to explain away the everyday miracles of life. Things usually happen for a pur- pose and if God is in control of all things (and He is!), then He has everything to do with what that purpose is.

Recently, I was visiting Amsterdam on my return from a teaching in Moshi, Tanzania when I fell head-long onto an une- ven walkway and broke both bones of my right arm. The bones were displaced greatly and apparently I was “lucky” that it wasn’t a compound fracture.

Immediately, I realized that I was not going to be able to recover and stand up without assistance. “By chance,” there was an Emergency Room nurse just a few feet away. She helped me to a stool she procured from a nearby shop and began giving first aid, improvising a sling for my arm, checking for additional injury, flagging down a cab to take me to the hospital, and even notifying the hospital of my impending arrival. Less than 30 minutes later, I was receiving treatment at the ER: X-rays, a cast on my arm, and a general physical examination including a CT scan. The total bill was only $373.

I would not fault anyone for calling this entire event a stoke of good luck, but there’s more. We had to cut our visit short and make arrangements to fly home several days early. Our return tickets were in coach class but got upgraded to business class so I could rest from the pain and make it to the restroom when necessary. We made an appointment for a doctor’s visit for the day we would get back, and also for surgery to set the bones just one day after that.

Bottom line, I fell in Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon and the surgery was in Tulsa the following Thursday morning. It could not have gone any smother.

No, I refuse to call any of this “a coincidence” or “luck.” I felt God’s hand in everything that happened along the way, even the fall itself. Because of all that happened in such amazing sequence, I came through not only safely, but with a stronger confidence that God is my keeper. Always!



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