Obeying God’s Word

May 26, 2023 | Articles

There’s lots of talk these days about the condition of our world. Truth has flown out the window and immorality is escalat- ing to new heights. As believers we find ourselves in a dilemma. How do we live in today’s world? The Word of God gives specific instructions on some things, but not on everything. We are often left with questions, some big and some small.

The most important step we can take in finding the answer to our questions is to read the Bible. God’s word give us the truth. Most of the voices we hear today are the opinions of man and certainly not the voice of God. Unfortunately, we tend to listen more to what these people say than we do God. And if we don’t read His word, we never hear the truth.

We are facing many difficult issues today. Take immigration. God doesn’t tell us specifically what to do about the border. That comes from the laws of the land. If we follow the law, God is pleasedHe tells us that in scripture. Once someone crosses the border illegally, the law of the land applies. Not only are the trespassers to be held accountable for breaking the law, but those who are not enforcing the laws are liable as well. We must remember that God tells us to love everyone, even our enemies; but He also advises that there are consequences for breaking the law, both His and the government’s.

Immorality has always existed in the world, but possibly never on display as it is today. Television, streaming services and social media have no restraints when it comes to showing lifestyles that we know are in violation of God’s word. We see it everywhere, things such as sexual content bordering on pornography, horrifying story lines and gory sights for innocent eyes. There is no shame, no conviction of sin for the producers of such filth. They have been brain-washed and desensitized to sin, and they are doing the same to their audiences. Some even go so far as to say that God is a God of love, so He’s not judgmental about how anyone lives his life.

So what is the modern-day Christian to do? Back to the fundamentals. Read the Word and obey its teachingsthat others may be led to the truth. Pray for our leaders and our enemies as never before. Petition God to help us love others even when we don’t like what they do. Most of all, trust God. He is in control of all things and He knows what’s going on far more than we do.

We can live in complete confidence that He will take care of us and use us for His glory even in today’s world. What we must do is to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus!


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