Tanzania Update March – April

May 26, 2023 | Articles

Dear Susan and Gail,

Receive Greetings of Love from Moshi, Tanzania, Africa. Undoubtedly, by the grace of God, you have arrived safely in Tulsa Oklahoma at your home.

We have been praying for you, that God will protect and bring you home safely to the USA. Some pastors and bishops who contacted me after finishing the seminar have sent me to greet you on their behalf.

Praise be to God, I would like to thank God very much for the wonderful and unique seminar that we have had here in Moshi Tanzania since February 14-16, 2023. I would also like to thank Gail and Susan for taking the time to come to Tanza- nia for the first time. They have shown a unique heart and love for Tanzania and Africa. Also, the teachings that Gail Knox taught have shown the truth and the authenticity of the Word of God and how to teach the Word of God without reducing or adding anything.

The truth is that the teachings have been a great help to the pastors who attended and all the participants of the seminar.

The seminar has been very blessed and edifying for the body of Christ. Some of the pastors who attended together with the bishops who were there and various church leaders have really enjoyed the lessons taught and asked again if possible for Gail and Susan to come back to Tanzania. Not only those who were present but even those who were not present after receiving the good news of the recent seminar have called me and others have sent me a phone message asking Gail and Susan when they return to Tanzania to come to their places and hold a seminar like this one held here in Moshi or at other levels like the Holy Spirit will direct them.

Gail and Susan have truly left a mark that will not be forgotten int the hearts of the people in the short time they have been with us. We pray God will open a door for them to return.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Yohana


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