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May 26, 2023 | Articles

The Bible has much to say about getting “saved.” As long as there are different types of people, there will probably be different thoughts on what Scripture has to say on the subject. It’s important to remember that almost all of the different doctrines are not made up by men but are based on what each believes the Bible is saying. Here is one of the many passages that addresses the process of “getting saved.” Check it out and determine what it is saying to you.

Read John 6:37 and answer the following questions:

  • According to the 1st phrase in this verse, what do we learn about God in this process?
  • What does the person whom God gives to Jesus end up doing
  • What does Jesus do when the one the Father gives actually comes to Him? What do you believe the phrase Jesus will “raise him up” refers to?

Read John 6:44a. Does this first half of v.44 agree with v.37? How?
Read John 6:44b. What does Jesus say He will do for the one whom God sends? Does this agree with v.37?
Read John 6:65. How does this compare to v.37?
Read John 14:6. What is the only way to God (i.e., be saved)?

Putting it all together, we see that God gives, draws, and enables the individual to come to Jesus and according to Jesus, the only way to God is through Him.

Now is the time to tell the gospel story to everyone you know and meet.


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