Cyclone Mocha Hits Myanmar – May Myanmar Update

Jun 1, 2023 | Articles

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ whose deity we want to spread, promote and defend at all costs.

It was on the 11th of May that we departed and 12-13th of May, we had a very productive training for 25 – 30 plus pastoral leaders who are mostly missionaries by titles, if you will.

But it was on the 14th of May, after Sunday service, that the cyclone mocha hit hard the areas. It started around 2:31 pm and lasted till 5:20pm and within that short hours, it destroyed so many houses and peeled off their roofs or torn down houses, including my brother are partner in ministry house.9 out of 10 houses damaged but less than 8 persons death. How strong the cyclone was, it couldn’t carry away a human being which evidences God’s love and grace.

3/4 million people displaced by the junta and 2 million in the storm’s path. “How much can a country endure or take on? ” seems the most appropriate question in mind. But again, there is no answer a man can give except God and God’s plan and grace are often or mostly in disguise and I believe this is how HE draws and crowds us to Him to trust and to worship Him.

In the meantime, if there are some led by God to give financial contributions, I would love to return to help rebuild houses, especially those houses of missionaries who came for my training. The reason I personally wanted to return is two fold. First, to help rebuild houses or helping with roofing and second, to proclaim His word. I strongly believe that every good thing done to others in Christ’s name should be accompanied by the proclamation of His redemptive work.

Once again, my wife and I are still stuck in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State and God willing we fly back on May 19th. After few days of rest in Yangon, if funds are realized, I will take a flight back here to help rebuild or re-roof their houses. Would vou take a moment to prav now and see how God lead!


Philip Van Lal Lian

Agape In Action/Yangon

Grace Bible School


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