A Letter from Philip

Aug 4, 2023 | Articles

Dear Susan,

I attached few pictures of recent events I was able to get involved by God’s grace. I was part of planting Yangon Baptist Church. Just this month with my host of recent trip where we had the great graduation, I called and God let His glory shine through in preaching. At their request, I am now working on Bible Interpretations Principle for both O.T. , Jesus’ Teaching and N.T and perhaps even how to interpret parable. I feel so indebted to Gail for all the insights God has given me through her and I cannot thank her enough.

I will be spending a month or over a month to equip pastoral leaders by providing Bible study principles sometimes after September, 2023. I am sooo excited about this opportunities God has provided and also I attached picture of roofing our dear John Lain Be helped. The song I wrote which my son, Daniel and I sang was about friends God has brought in my life, including students and how much I miss them. It is about cultivating and sustaining friendship with a heart of purity and mutual encouragements. Friendship | Partnership | Relationship still serves me as fertilizing ingredients in my societal attitude, if you will. Love | Seek | Serve is the ingredient for every ministry opportunity God has given.

So, I kept writing books and have done 6 books though they are still as draft and I have no money to publish them yet. However, it is good to me to write and learn more even as I write and when God provides the means then they are ready for publishing. Also, in view of Lassana thing, I have renewed my passport and am now ready to travel there, heee kidding.

Much Love and Gratitude,


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