The Latest from Our Man Philip

Nov 10, 2023 | Articles

Even though the situation in his homeland is not safe at this time, Philip manages to continue to do the work of the Lord. He has written several books (not yet published), taught at Bible schools, and taken the gospel out to the remote areas. Here is a copy of his latest update.

“I leave for trip on the 8th of November for no less than 3 weeks long trip. Please pray for these messages that they are all in line with God’s word. During the days, I will teach from Matthew 5-7 exploring character traits of Kingdom citizen.” Philip lists his evening seminar topics as follows:

1. Hope Amidst National Crisis (Ex. 2)

2. Hope Amidst Political Crisis (Gen. 14)

3. Hope Amidst Slavery Crisis (Dan. 1-4)

4. Hope Amidst Family Crisis (Gen. 37-52) 5. Hope for the Unknown Future (Rom. 8)

6. Hope Amidst Spiritual Crisis (Selected)

7. Hope and Love in Death (John 11)”

During the three-plus weeks that Philip will be away from his family and home, we need to pray for Dante’ role as single mom for her house full of children. Please pray that God gives her an extra measure of stamina and courage needed for all the increased responsibilities she will have. Pray also for good health for the entire family and protection from the evil one. May there be a calm and peace for all involved.

The ministry continues to send regular financial support for Philip and his work. We ask the Lord to bless these funds and empower Philip’s efforts to be effective in sharing the word of God.


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