From Moshi Tanzania

Dec 15, 2023 | Articles

Pastor Yohana is in the process of trying to purchase a new location for his church. Up until now, the church has been housed in a partially-open structure that they rent. The landlord refuses to sell the property so they can build more adequate (and permanent) housing for the church. As a part if their commitment to serve the needy, they need room to expand and provide an orphanage center for the children (primarily Muslim) living in difficult circumstances in their community.

According to Pastor Yohana, their country currently “is facing the inflation of Muslims to buy as many areas as they can with the help of Arab countries.” Yohana feels that “their strategy is to ensure that Islam rules in our country.” For this reason, they provide a ministry to the Muslims in Moshi and the surrounding villages, teaching the gospel of Jesus and testifying through their own lives the love that Jesus has for His children. The orphanage is a significant part of their plan their plan to show Jesus by their lifestyle.

Pastor Yohana has asked that we join their congregation in praying for the opportunity and the resources by which they can bring their plan to fruition, enhancing their ministry to the Muslims and giving glory to God.

NOTE: Susan and Gail have been invited back to Moshi to travel to several villages to teach pastors and lay leaders how to study inductively. We are hoping to make this trip some time late in 2024. We would appreciate your prayers.


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