Illuminations December 2023

Dec 15, 2023 | Articles

Sometimes I feel like my whole world is upside downwhat with wars, A.I., inflation, rampant border intrusionthe list  goes on and on. Where does it stop?

Fortunately, there is an eternal and never-changing truth: Jesus is Lord and He is in control of everything that happens, even the worst of scenarios. I know in my heart that if He is allowing these things to happen, He has a reason. And that reason is for the good of allyou and me included.

What then is our role in all this? Okay. We are to trust Jesus. It’s as simple as that. Trust—with a capital “T.” We are to relax and rest in the security of His arms, knowing all the while that He loves us more than we’ve ever been loved before.

Our Lord is sovereign and because He is sovereign no one or any thing can destroy us. Satan was defeated at the cross and Jesus claimed His victory. As a result, we live under the promise of total forgiveness and eternal security.

The Bible tells us not to worry about what tomorrow will bring. In Jesus’ words, “tomorrow has enough trouble of its own.” God will provide. He will take care of us. We live under His protection and according to His good and perfect will. He has a plan for our lives and it is a good plan. These are truths that we can live by and be joyful in.

Right about now, you may be thinking, “Yeah, BUT…”

There is no “but” in any of this. God knows the difficulties you are going though. He knows your fears. You are in His hands and no one can snatch you out of them. You are safe at all times and in all circumstances. And because you are safe, there is no longer any reason for fear and anxiety.

The Bible is replete with passages that offer comfort in our tough times. Here are a few you might begin with:

  • Psalm 23The Lord is Our Shepherd
  • Romans 8:28He is in control of all things
  • Jeremiah 29:11He has a good plan for your life
  • Matthew 6:26-34Do not worry about tomorrow
  • John 10:28-29No one can snatch you out of the Father’s hand
  • John 3:16God loves the world more than we know

These are but a few of many confidence-blasting and fear- annihilating assurances that God has given to comfort us in our times of trouble. As you become more and more famil- iar with these verses, try adding other passages you discover on your own. Keep them close at hand, memorize them, repeat them in your mind continually, post them around the house and do whatever necessary to keep God’s encouraging words foremost in your mind.


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