Will You Go Out Without Knowing?

Feb 1, 2024 | Articles

One of the most difficult questions a Christian will ever answer is, “What do you expect to do?” The truth is, if you are listening to the Lord and following His agenda rather than your own, you don’t know. The only thing you do know is that He knows what He is doing and that’s good enough.

In the Bible, God called Abraham to leave his country and his family and to go to a land that God would show him. Abraham did not know where he was going or what he was to do once he got there, because God didn’t tell him that part of the story. Instead, God tested Abraham’s faith by expecting him to trust and obey. We know from the Biblical account that Abraham did just that.

God expects the same of you and me. He calls. and wants us to respond without hesitation and without insisting on having the details. It’s our trust and total surrender that He is after, not our questions. This means we must be living in a state of continual willingness to “go out” whenever and wherever God calls. It requires our not clinging to possessions but letting Him be both Lord and Master of our lives. We must have our bags “packed” so to speak—even putting them by the door, so we can grab them quickly as we rush out in response to His call. Life takes on new dimensions when we trust Him rather than leaning on our own understanding.


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