Feed Your Spiritual Hunger

Jun 13, 2024 | Articles

Our heavenly Father has given us many gifts that are intended to satisfy our spiritual hunger AND to bring glory to Him. Perhaps the greatest of these gifts is “worship.” This current day word is from an Old English word meaning “worth ship.” From this, we have the picture of God’s awesomeness—His worth.

The act of worship involves telling God who He is and what He does or will do in the future. It is an essential element to the spiritual growth of every believer.

How do we worship? We tell God who He is and what He does by reading His word back to Him and lifting up our praises in song, Both bring us into the very presence of God and feeds our spiritual hunger. We can worship either individually or corporately. Either way, true worship brings glory to God and benefits to us as well.

What else has God given that brings Him glory and benefits us at the same time? Prayer. This is the gift that enables us to talk directly with God. There is no formula or trick to it because praise and prayer go hand in hand. When you are deep in prayer for the salvation of the lost, for your family concerns, or for provision for yourself and others or whatever else is on your heart, praise cannot help but become a part of that prayer, The Bible tells us that the Lord inhabits the praises of His people, so when you praise God in your prayers, you draw close to God. In His presence, our hearts overflow with praise.

Another gift from God is the freedom we have to spend time with Him daily through reading and studying the Bible. Our reading/study brings God glory as it changes our hearts and encourages us to put God first—before others, and even before ourselves. A knowledge of the scriptures tells us how to live life: loving God and obeying what He tells us to do.

Jesus praised the Father throughout His life. He prayed short prayers and He spent entire nights in prayer. He read the word each Sabbath and followed the commands of God in thought, word, and deed, even to death on the cross. Jesus’ obedience brought God the highest kind of glory possible.

Worship at its finest is telling God who He is and what He’s done, whether it’s talking with Him in our prayers, studying the Bible, being obedient to His word, loving Him to the max, and more. No matter the form, when we do these things, we are worshiping God. He is glorified and our spiritual hunger is feed.


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