Jun 13, 2024 | Articles

God created male and female in His image, male and female He created them. The first people were given perfect hearts that loved their creator and did no wrong. And because of God’s great love for all mankind, He gave people free will and did not demand love in return. Adam and Eve were not even aware they had any choice until Satan came along to tempt Eve. You know the story, Eve bit and then later Adam the same. As a consequence, hard-heartedness entered the picture to affect the world.

Hard-heartedness is closely associated with pride, and we see many examples of this throughout Scripture. The most well-known passage is found in the book of Exodus. We see in the story of the Exodus how Pharoah hardened his heart toward God and refused to let His people go. Pharoah’s pride would not allow him to relinquish his power to God; he was the great Pharoah reigning over the entire world! But God saw Pharoah for who he really was, and He knew Pharoah’s pride would never allow him to change. At that point, God gave him over to a hardened heart.

Many kings of Israel ended up in the same situation. They refused to listen to the prophets, worship the one true God and obey His commands. Only a few kings had a close enough relationship to God to be destined for heaven.

There are many examples of hardened hearts in the New Testament as well, Judas being among the most memorable. In Judas’ mind, Jesus didn’t fit the image of who he believed the Messiah would be; and so he betrayed Him. Ananias and Saphira lied about their gift to the church because of their hardened hearts. In the book of Revelation, we see that even after all the cataclysmic events happened, people refused to repent and cursed God instead. Their hearts were so hardened they were unable to receive the salvation God offered, and they perished as a result of their stubbornness.

Time is running short. Believers must pray as never before for everyone we love and know who may still be lost. We cannot judge the hardened hearts; but we can witness to them. And we know from II Peter 3:9 that God isn’t slow in keeping His promises [of Jesus’ second coming] as some think. He is patient with them, because He wants all to come to repentance [paraphrase].

During our days, God is still patiently waiting. We don’t know when, but we must patiently keep praying. Jesus is coming again. Amen.


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