Illuminations June 2024

Jun 13, 2024 | Articles

Do you believe miracles happen in our world today? Can you see God’s hand actively working in the details of your daily grind? Do you always give Him the credit? Or do you write it off to your own expertise or good luck?

Sometimes it is just a matter of opening our eyes and taking the time to see what is really going on: the red light we ran and barely avoided a serious accident. The child who ran out in front of our car and somehow we were able to brake in time.

Miracles like these are all around us—everyday—but only if we pause and realize that it was not just luck that something tragic didn’t happen. It was God working through us.

On a recent trip to Myanmar, God was busy protecting Susan and me from harm. After our last teaching was finished in Aung Ban, we rode with Philip and his family to find a hotel where Susan and I could stay until our flight back to Yangon. Philip and his family were driving back so they could meet our flight the next morning when it arrived in Yangon.

We stopped at several roadside hotels but all were closed. Only one was open and had a vacancy. It was located near a small village close to Heho near the entrance to the airport. For some reason we decided not to stay there. Instead, we drove on to Taunggyi—on the other side of the airport and farther away from it by a one and a half-hour drive.

Keep in mind, at this point we are without Philip or any-one who spoke English.

During that night both Susan and I required medical atten-tion and needed to get to the hospital. We telephoned Philip who was still enroute to Yangon (an overnight trip by car). Philip just happed to know someone in Taunggyi who spoke English and could translate for us. Taunggyi also had a first-rate branch of one of the best hospitals in Myanmar. The translator picked up food and water for us, and drove us to the hospital, stayed with us until we were released and then drove us back to our hotel. The next morning we drove the one and a half-mile trip back to the airport and our flight to Yangon.

I can only imagine what might have happened if we had chosen to stay at the hotel near the airport. It might have been closer, but we would not have had a translator or medi-cal attention or even food and water. I have no about the hotel we needed to stand at. He brought us to a better place where we could find the medical attention we needed. God was looking out for us, and He guided us in making the right decision.


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