Letter from Pastor Yohana

Jun 13, 2024 | Articles

“Dear Susan and Gail,

“There is no greater thing that blesses God if every believer will think and take action to talk to one per-son and bring others to Jesus. Everyone who believed in Jesus has become a child of God and has the re-sponsibility to bring others to Jesus in his/her area where he/she is and where they live. This is the Order of Jesus Christ.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for praying for us, especially when we are traveling to encourage churches with the news of bringing people to Jesus. In this way, we see people motivated to wit-ness and those who are witnessed agree to give their lives to Jesus.”

“In this ministry there are needs to pray, and we ask you to join us in praying for them…”
We know Pastor Yohana in a man of prayer. He asks us to unite with him and his church in prayer for their current needs in ministry, Here are some of those needs.

(1) Please pray that God will open the door for churches to hold Evangelistic training seminars.
(2) Ask God to bless their ministry with tracts on which they can hold large gatherings for evan-gelizing, healings, and teaching new believers how to grow spiritually.
(3) Pray to God to provide more Bibles to distribute to those who repent, Pastor Yohana tells us that they meet lots of new believers who need a Bible of their own, but they have none to give, nor the money by which to buy them.
(4) They also need money for food and drinks at the seminars they host,
(5) They have many workers capable of planting churches in their country, but are challenged by the necessity to buy plots on which to build churches. He would like us to pray for available land so they can accomplish their mission in this area. He is concerned that the Muslims have invested a lot of energy in buying lots and building mosques in abundance (with help from Arabian countries). Islam is growing rapidly in Yohana’s part of Tanzania and the surrounding states..
(6) Pray for their small flock to be able to broadcast the Gospel program on the radio.

It is a blessing to be asked to pray for the needs of another arm of God’s army. By supporting Yohana’s ministry, our arms are stretching across the oceans to bring a people to Christ. We are God’s hands and His feet. He has given us an important task to do.


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