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About Us

Word Within International is a nonprofit ministry committed to teaching inductive Bible study. Gail Knox has been teaching the Word around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area for over 25 years. She and her husband Dave reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is founder of the ministry, author of “Out of Control…and lovin’ every minute of it!”, a multitude of Easy-to-Learn Inductive Bible studies and a monthly newsletter publication.

She also travels to Southeast Asia to teach Inductive Bible techniques to pastors, teachers, missionaries and Bible school students who have no Bible resources. Her passion for the Word of God is what drives her to stay active and pursue more opportunities to share her gift of teaching with people both here and abroad.

About Gail

Gail has been teaching the Word of God for the past 20 years both in and outside her local church. Regardless of location, class participants come from a variety of denominations that are easily united in their common love of the Word of God.

Gail is the author of Word Within International’s new Easy-to-Learn Inductive Study Series. Now available for the books of Titus, Jude and Revelation, parts one and two.


Mary Halasa

Doesn’t shy away from difficult subject matter.

Dick Read

Outstanding! Gail has a fun personality.

Patty McCargar

Gail is God’s cheerleader to the body of Christ.

David Thomas

I’m continually amazed by Gail’s hard work and Word Within’s mission!

Heidi Caver

I’ve been coming to Gail’s classes for 10 years and I don’t see how it could be any better.

Joanne Foote

I don’t see how Bible study could get any better. Gail does a great job!

Tom Harrison

One of our most consistent, engaging and enthusiastic teachers of the Bible at Asbury. Teaching the Bible is the passion of Gail’s life and it shows up in the quality of ministry that she has.

Patti Lewellen

I love Gail’s classes! She gets so excited that it makes everyone else get excited. She makes me want to study more and more.

Tom White

She challenges us all to learn more.

Steve Page

Gail makes the material easy and simple to learn.

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