Support Philip’s Ministry
to the People of Myanmar

Missionary, Pastor & School Master

Years ago, we received a request to come teach a Bible study from Philip, a young pastor in Myanmar. He guided our team through the jungles to teach pastors from remote villages.

Bible School & Children’s Home

Philip is the founder and director of the Yangon Grace Bible School, which provides a place for forty to fifty children to live, learn, and be fed good food and the Word of God.

Bring Hope to the People of Myanmar

Through Philip’s ministry, many who have no hope are being reached: the elderly who have no help, little food and suffer through monsoons, the children and young people who have no opportunities for education, and the lost, sick, and the dying who have no hope for salvation.

Through Word Within International, all these are cared for with the resources you help to provide.

Where Your Support Goes

  • Housing for Philip and his 14 children
  • School books, building and dormitory
  • Food and medical care for the students
  • Disaster relief mission trips to the villages
  • Support for the Yangon School teachers

Raising Up New Workers

To fill the many needs around him, Philip is training new pastors and missionaries who will go into the villages and bring them help, hope, and the light of Christ.

Join Us in Supporting Philip’s Ministry

The outskirts of Myanmar are full of children without family support, an education, or enough food.

Through your support, these children get to attend Bible school, get an education, be fed, and live safely during the school year. Something they would never have without your help.