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Revelation: Bringing it All to Completion

I & II Thessalonians: Waiting for the Second Coming

Jonah: Runaway Prophet

Jude: Contend for the Faith

Titus: Eager to Do What is Good

I John: Knowing You Know What
You Know

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Jonah (9 weeks)
Galatians (8 weeks)
The Passion (6 weeks)

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Revelation Part I and II – “Bringing It All to Completion”
A two-part course that incorporates all of God’s teachings about end-times from all of scripture. It’s one of the most comprehensive yet easy to understand teachings on the subject that you’ll find anywhere. This inductive Bible study teaches you how to discover for yourself what God has to say about end-times and not what man has dreamed up for himself. Approximately 2 hours study per each week.

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 1 – Workbook (16 lessons)

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 1 – Appendix

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 1 – Big Picture

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Workbook (12 lessons)

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Events of Revelation 6 – 13

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – 7th Trumpet Chart

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Timeline of Seals, Trumpets, Bowls

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Relationships of Trumpets to Bowls

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Bowls to Trumpets Worksheet

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Lesson 4 – Character Contrast

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Lesson 5 – Trumpets to Seals

Revelation workbookRevelation Part 2 – Lesson 28 – Review Chart

Waiting for the Second Coming Part I and II
ThessaloniansThe Church is God’s instrument for taking the Gospel to the World so that as many people as possible will know Him before Jesus’ return.

In 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, Paul instructs the church on how to live while we await that return. This study includes exploration of what the Bible says about End Times. An Inductive Bible Study that requires 1-2 hours of study each week.

Revelation workbookI Thessalonians – Workbook (11 lessons)

Thessalonians workbookI Thessalonians – Big Picture

Revelation workbookII Thessalonians – Workbook (6 lessons)

Thessalonians workbookII Thessalonians – Inserts

Jonah – The Runaway Prophet
old testamentJonah was a prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel after the kingdom had been divided into Judah and Israel.

It was a time of relative peace in the land and approximately 50 years before Assyria would conquer Israel. God called Jonah to go to Nineveh, the capital of Assyria and preach a message of repentance. This was a nation whose lifestyle was wicked and whose religion emphasized the worship of nature.

Jonah was outraged by the people’s behavior and instead of obeying God’s command to go and preach to the city, he opts to run in the opposite direction. Much of the way Jonah responded to God’s call is relevant to us today.

This inductive Bible study will show a profound illustration of God’s mercy and grace and His desire that no one should be lost but that all should come to repentance. 1 hour study weekly.

Jonah workbookJonah – Workbook (9 lessons)

Jude – Urging You to Contend for the Faith
JudeJude, brother of James, the leader of the first church and half-brother of Jesus originally intended to write to the believers about salvation but something changed his mind and he instead wrote urging them to “contend for the faith.”

He was deeply concerned about the ungodly men who had crept in among them and wrote to describe what they would look like. We see this same ungodliness increasing in our world today. This inductive study teaches us how to stand strong in our faith in these last days and help others come to salvation in Christ. 1 hour study per week.
Jude Big PictureJude – Workbook (6 lessons)

Jude Big PictureJude – Big Picture

Titus – “A People of His Own – Eager to Do What is Good”
TitusThe instructions Paul wrote in his letter to Titus regarding the church on the island of Crete are timeless and applicable today. Not only are the instructions relevant but in this little book, we find many other profound statements, such as, “God cannot lie”, that bring comfort to us in a world that is moving farther away from the truth each day. The major theme of this inductive Bible study is “being a people who are eager to do what is good” for others. 1 hour study per week.

Titus workbookTitus – Workbook (7 lessons)

Titus workbookTitus – Big Picture

1 John – Knowing That You Know That You Know
1 JohnWhen the apostle John wrote the first of his three epistles, there was much persecution going on toward believers of that day. Those with strong faith clung to their beliefs with more determination than ever. Others fell easily away or turned to a gospel that put them at less of a risk. Various alternative faiths began to spring up and false teachers abounded.

The same is true today. Persecution of believers is on the rise, other ways to God are becoming accepted and false teachers are on every horizon. Only those strongly versed in the entire counsel of God’s Word are equipped to recognize the truth and defend themselves against the Enemy’s lies. The book of I John reminds us that we can have assurance in our salvation and be effective witnesses in bringing others to a saving relationship with Christ. 1-2 hours study per week.

1 John workbook1 John – Workbook (12 lessons)

1 John workbook1 John – Big Picture