Seminar Details

Anger and Forgiveness — The Biblical Perspective (Two 2 1/2 hour sessions)

  • Why People Get Angry
  • God’s Purpose for Anger
  • The Dangers of Distorted Anger
  • Evaluating Your Own Anger
  • Forgiving and Forgetting
  • Unconditional Forgiveness
  • Pardoning the Penalty
  • Forgiving God

Current Controversies within the Church (Two 2 1/2 hour sessions)

  • The True Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality
  • Universalism and the Bible
  • What About Those Who Haven’t Heard?
  • World Attacks Against Christianity

Can Marriage Survive Today’s Permissive Teachings? (Two 2 1/2 hour sessions)

  • God’s Design for Marriage
  • Homosexuality and Its Deceptive Forces
  • Fornication vs. Adultery According to Scripture
  • What God Has to Say About Divorce

Resting Secure in the Father’s Arms (Two 1 1/2 hour sessions)

  • God, Our Extravagant Father
  • Being Loved by the Father
  • When Angry with God, I Will…
  • Why Did God the Son Have to Die?
  • Where is God When Bad Things Happen?

The "Judgment" That Comes After You Are Saved (Two 1 1/2 hour sessions)

  • Judgment Seat of Christ: Who It Is For, What It Does
  • Rewards: How They’re Earned and What They’re Good For

What You Know May Not Be So (Two 2 1/2 hour sessions)

  • The Eye of the Needle
  • Balaam and His Incredible Donkey
  • Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain
  • Cain’s Offering vs. Abel’s
  • Eve Created as the "Helpmate" of Adam
  • The Feeding of the Five Thousand
  • The Real Meaning of Fearing God
  • The Sabbath vs. Sunday

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